I’m Back with a Mission

The United States of America, once a Proud Sovereign Republic is spiraling out of control. Because of the Ruthless and Lawless Obama Administration. Our Nation is self destructing from the enemy within. All three branches of Government have been compromised and are corrupt beyond description. Can the Republic survive, the next few months will tell. The Possibility of civil unrest could actually occur. Good Night Citizens, Prepare

Freddie Gray Mistrial

Well, Gee Whiz,
A hung jury in the Freddie Gray case, did anyone expect any thing else. If you were unlucky enough to be selected as a juror in the trial. Let’s see, deliberate for a few hours and then say, Nope, can’t agree on anything, works for me. Smart move, heck, they were stuck with Baltimore on edge, a Liberal, far left, Mayor and Prosecutor stoking the flames of Racism and won’t move the venue for maybe a fair trial. The jurors didn’t want their names involved in this mess. The Black Lives Matter nuts would attack or burn the juror’s homes down. Then ravage and set Baltimore on fire. Blame it on, everyone is a racist bigot. Yep, face facts people, with President Obama backing BLM, game on. Black’s rule, everyone else get off the train.

What a mess, start to worry

I am seventy and have never seen such a twisted Administration like Obama’s. He supports Black Lives Matter protests, trying to create unrest; he is trying to change the Radical Islamic Terrorist killings in California to what Obama refers to as Gun Violence. Three states are now reporting several large volumes of track phone purchases at Wal-Mart by Muslims, police have been notified. Many gas stations are also reporting propane tanks being stolen, again reported to police. Is there any media coverage? Nope. Everyone understands Obama is pro Muslim / Islam. Watch out if you say anything negative about Muslims, the Justice department will be knocking on your door, kind of like the Gestapo. I wish Obama was more pro America as things aren’t looking very good. I have never experienced so many angry people. I know the old saying, calm down and move on, not this time. I say be concerned and be angry.

Trump & Chicago

Here, we go, another day, the Media and whoever is going nuts over Donald Trumps comment about all Muslims should be banned from entering the United States until the Government gets its act together. Fun to watch the circus as Trump has a point. Our Government has no idea what they are doing, with immigration, foreign students, any type of visas, doesn’t know who’s here, who is coming in, can’t secure the borders, duh !!

Black Lives Matter is protesting in Chicago again. A couple hundred in the daytime, a couple dozen at police headquarters tonight. Get a life, the cop has been charged with first degree murder and Mayor Rahm Emanuel is not going to resign. Of course the Media is making a big deal out of it. Must be nice to have time to protest, make a mess of traffic for people trying to get home from their jobs. Oh, never mind, BLM people don’t have jobs, their victims of the cruel American system. Yep, there’s an answer for everything.

Thoughts: About America


December 7th, 1941 in the early morning hours there would be a horrible attack on a U. S. Air and Naval base at Pearl Harbor by Japanese aircraft. Later, Japan would pay a horrible price. An old song once said, What is War good for, Absolutely nothing. I agree with that, except we must never forget, freedom is not free. That’s what makes the United States Exceptional. Sadly at present our Country has no leadership, period. We are adrift in a very dangerous world, I pray we can find our way again.

December 8th, 1980 John Lennon was murdered on the streets of New York City. John was an awesome musical artist and a dreamer, the world needs dreamers. However, he was killed in the real world. Right now Americans need to understand, Radical Islamic Terror is not going to go away. Be vigilant; inform law officials if something just doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t. If your uncomfortable or fearful about the present situation. Buy a firearm to defend yourself, buy it legally, learn how to properly use it and hope you will never have to.

Obama’s Speech

Well, after President Obama’s speech last night, I do not feel any better about the craziness that’s going on in our Country and the World. I understand Obama is very concerned about the well being of Muslims here and around the world. I understand he is concerned that people need to understand Islam is a peaceful religion. I get it, that he can’t use the word ISIS and he can’t use the phrase Radical Islam. After all on a Sunday morning news show, Hillary Clinton couldn’t make herself say Radical Islam either. However, I would appreciate it if Obama and Hillary could show some compassion and concern for all the Christians here and around the world that are being brutally murdered by Radical Islamic Terrorists. There is a problem and it needs solutions, Obama, get your head out of the sand.

Muslim Issue

We are having several mass killings in our Country. The bulk of them are being committed by people of the Muslim Faith, Islam. Islam is supposed to be the religion of peace. Well, that sure isn’t working out well. Now, our present US Attorney General, Loretta E. Lynch is concerned that people will have a negative attitude toward Muslims and Islam. Muslims are to call her if they feel they are not being treated nicely, and she will prosecute those awful people, really? Maybe, people of the Muslim Faith should get the Radical Islamic Terrorists under control. I really feel that would be a great start in improving relations with the Muslim community and a better understanding of Islam.

Black Lives Matter

There are many interesting things happening in The United States at present. We have the Black Lives Matter movement going on. I can Not agree with their argument, as I feel All Lives Matter. They have the right to protest, but, not interrupt other people’s lives and rights with their protests. Damaging property, blocking entrance to stores, stopping traffic is wrong. If you are black, pc: african-american, you should be treated with respect and be equal to all. But, you are not special.

Branches of Government

The United States Government has Three Branches to provide checks and balances.

The Executive Branch:

Which at present, seems to have gone Rouge, in a Lawless manner and also lacks any positive Leadership on behalf of American citizens.

The Legislative Branch:

This Branch of America’s Government also seems to have problems. Most of its members are Elites who are only concerned about what benefits them and the many Lobbyists’, not their constituents.

The Judicial Branch:

The Supreme Court’s task is to interpret The Constitution. However, the last few years, they seem to flip a coin as to their judgment on different cases brought before them.

The Truth Starts Here

The United States of America is a Republic

 America was founded on three Documents:

The Declaration of Independence, the Paris Peace Treaty of 1783, and the Constitution. America is a Christian nation. A person can not spin this as it is an absolute fact unless you have some sort of agenda. The First Ten Amendments added to the Constitution, are known as The Bill of Rights.